Special Ionic Event - March 10, 2021

Yes I’m sure people who know don’t want to spill the beans about what the event has in store for us, but it would lower my blood pressure 20pts if I at least had some bounding on the magnitude of the announcements. More or less “Your existing Ionic 5/Capacitor code will only get better!” as opposed to “You’ll want to hold off starting new projects for a week to hear what we’ve got coming.”

And yes I know that announcements often take 6-12 months to stabilize anyway and therefore holding back development for them is typically unwise. This could be just “Ionic 6 and Capacitor 3 have reached RC1!” etc.

Go ahead and start new projects or wait?

I am not a doctor…and cannot confirm if this will lower your blood pressure…

But it’s going to be positive stuffs. Without saying what we’re going to talk about…You can start a new project without worry.

Thanks mhartington I am a big fan and, now calm and happy to tune into the show!

ionic start ...

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