Spam-clicking the back button on Page2 through the transition to Page1 can crash the app


Say I have two pages: Page1 and Page2.
When I navigate from Page1 to Page2, the back button on Page2 appears.
Now when I ‘spam’ that back button many times per second until the page has transitioned back to Page1, the app can sometimes crash. (click it all the time until the animation finishes to where you are back on Page1.
It seems to be caused by the ion-navbar component on Page2 as removing the entire header on Page1 doesn’t affect the outcome of this experiment.

I get a black screen in ionic serve and white screen when I have it deployed on my iOS device.

Please test this in your own apps.
Does anyone else experience this issue? I would love to know how to solve this.


would you be able to provide a sample code to test the bug?


Seems to be fixed in RC3, I was still on RC1.
I found out by making a Plunkr and updating the RC from 1 to 3 there =>