Source for <ion-header> element?

I’m trying to dynamically set the height of my ion-header for ios devices, and I noticed that the default css is min-height: calc(44px + 20px); where 20px is the height of the status bar.

I modified my ion-header.header-ios in app.scss to be more similar to the ion-header.header-md styling, but I’d like to set the height the same way it is done by default (with respect the height of the status bar). Basically, I’m looking for a way to change that 44px without overriding the default style.

I looked for the ion-header source on github but could only find ion-navbar which is a child is ion-header. Can someone link where I can find this source?

I included the description of what I’m trying to do in case someone knows of an easy way to accomplish it. Thanks!