Sometime NavController push twice if you doubleclick or click an item many time quickly: Ionic3

Hi, guys.
I have a problem with my app. Maybe it will happen in your ionic app, too.
If you double click or click an item many times quickly to go to subpage, the app may go to same subpage twice(if you click back button, the page will pop to itself firstly. And then pop to parent page if you click back button again).
And if what you double click is tabpage, maybe the page go to your aim tabpage without tabs button(As a subpage but never show back button). You can swipe left the page to pop to correct page.
It will be easy to reproduce on the ios device or android device.
My teammate has create a simple demo so you can reproduce this bug.


Ionic Cli: 3.19.1

We add a gif to show how this bug trigger. You can download our demo to reproduce this bug. Also, maybe you can reproduce the bug in your ionic app.
Just double click or click many times quickly to push a subpage. If the bug couldn’t be reproduce, try to restart your app because this bug always trigger when you enter a new page firsttime.

have you solved this? Could you tell me how can I solved that ?