Some guiding in my first iOnic project: GET data, save parts of data as favorites



I’m trying to build my first iOnic app. My experience with building web-apps is pretty low.
I only builded one in a curriculum on university. And now I want it to bring it to a next level.

But I’m a little bit stuck with the best approach, because of some functions that I want to have in it.

I’m trying to build an app, that is doing an GET request to an external JSON API. The GET request should have a limit of only downloading 40/50 random objects and save these to localstorage so the data is still available when there is no connection.

Then I also want to be able to mark one/more of those 50 objects as favorites and save it locally(local JSON file?), but doesn’t erase when I shut down the app. So when you start the app, you can still see your favorites.

Thanks for helping out!


Take a look at the TrendCity demo app (from the book ‘Developing an Ionic Edge’) on GitHub:

It consumes a RESTful API (Instagram) + it has a ‘favorites’ feature as well.



Hoping you are familiar with Ionic css and javascript components.

  1. You can use for API. Please checkout their documentation for API.
  2. Use NgCordova for mobile specific plugins: link how to use it :
    like sqlite, network, file, file-transfer. Here is bunch of ngCordova plugins which are 100% compatible with ionic.
  3. Design app in ionic and start adding functionality one by one.

Start coding and as you move along if stuck look for answers. This is a great community, you will find most of the answers here.