How can i create a Simple list app, using localstorage and saving favorites

Hi ionites, First of all i’m a new at ionic and the forum so i want to say hello and thank at this big and usefull community…
My project is to create a simple application based on al list of items, and you can search items by name category ecc and save items as favorite so save them in the fav Page…
Any advice, guides or free pen source ???
I’ve tried a lot to develop this app by myself using Ionic but my knowledge is not enough…

Thank You Guys
Jhon from Italy

There might a be a To Do app in my new book that might help get you started. :wink:

Try breaking the app down into small chunks.
Can I display a list?
Can I display a hardcoded filtered list?
Can I save something?
Can I read back that saved item?

Often the entire scope of a new project can overwhelm you, especially when learning something new.

Chris Griffith
author, Mobile App Development with Ionic 2 from O’Reilly