Some good Push Notification server? (like Pushwoosh)

do you know some good service for Push Notifications in Ionic? I tried Pushwoosh and everything worked OK, but after 1 month I can’t use remote API without premium pricing, which is quite expensive…
I need to create notifications for specific device sent in specific time.
I also read about Ionic push, but it’s still not public :frowning:


what I did was on my local server php create all the files needed to post a notice, and in my ionic project, create a cron (with $ invertal) who did get to the server, send the data needed for notification messages, the token device, etc etc. That maybe can help you.

Are you using cordova at all? They have a push plugin that I’ve had great success with.

Hi Jvaclavik,
I’ll start with a disclosure that I’m one of PushApps co-founders - and after that I’ll recommend you to check our Push Notifications service.
We have some clients who use ionic so you wont be the first.

You shouldn’t pay so much for a good push server, and you can see it in our pricing

If you have any question I’ll be happy to assist you, but you can find it all in our documentations


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$interval works when the app is on background?

Unfortunately no, but I found a solution that helped me and notifications work with great success. I’ll leave the link :slight_smile:

Background mode

Just remember as the plugin states, Apple may not approve this app since they are VERY strict on background usage. I have used Pushwoosh and honestly would recommend them to anyone! Their pricing is fair for what you get, they have a great cordova plugin so that is all handled for you, and there are a lot of resources on the web. Then you don’t have to run your app in the background mode. Because even if your app is running in the background, if too many apps open up and cause a memory pressure crash, your app won’t be receiving notifications anymore anyway (with the way you purposed doing it). This is why using the real push notification services should be done.

thanks for the warning, they do notice that it may not be compliant, but there is no explanation =,
there are good services that provide push notification including the apple store(ios) itself and google(android)(gcm)

but if i could have a cron in background that don’t consume lot of energy…

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I solve this issue by creating own simple push notification server for iOS and Android using PHP:

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I don’t know the limit on android, but with iOS you can schedule up to 64 LOCAL notifications. I actually use them in my workout app to tell people to come back to work out. Now if you schedule all 64 and they don’t return then you’re out of luck, but if they open the app before all 64 have been used, you can have a script that figures out which ones need to be set or just reset them all. Still, building a push notification server like @jvaclavik recommended, or using PushWoosh (who actually has a great PHP API that I use and you can write a real php cron job to send a push to everyone) would be the more realistic options maybe.

We used local notifications in our app before, but there was problem when garbage collector close inactive app – no local notifications show. I tried it on iOS 8 and it works well also with closed app, but I think there are still problems on Android.

@jvaclavik I have been using ionicframeowrk since quite long and using push notifications for all platforms. Recently, I created a php script on Gist on GitHub of sending push notifications to Android, iOS and windows phone 8 devices. You can read more about it in my blog post.

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I work on a push notification service that has a 1st party Ionic plugin and free API access up to 1 million devices. Here’s the website and our Ionic setup documentation:

Happy to help you get set up if you have any questions.

which is the plugin? Could you give me info

I would use Pushwoosh but failed to work, ionic + cordova use ud know how it could work?

See this Cordova Push Plugin:

And Pushwoosh integration for Cordova:

But I recommend you to use some own solution instead of Pushwoosh. It has significant limitations for free accounts (no API access).