Some android devices don't react on first touch/click event



our app uses the latest ionic version with the latest crosswalk web view. Since a while a strange problem occurs on some android test devices (Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.3.1), S3 mini (Android 4.2.2)). Every first touch isn’t processed by the app, but mostly the second touch (but not always, sometimes the third or fourth). Here it doesn’t matter if the event is registered via ng-click or on-tap. But now the really strange thing: After some navigation/touching - so a usage of some minutes of the app - suddenly everything works perfectly well.

On iOS and an android device (google nexus) with a newer android version (5.1.1) there is no problem.

What I’ve tested:

  • tried an older version of ionic
  • tried an older version of crosswalk (10.XXX)
  • tested the app without crosswalk, but here it’s hard to say, if the slow reaction comes from the lack of crosswalk or not
    (problem remains)

What I’ve changed before the problem occurred:

  • started using the crosswalk-webview-plugin
  • updated cordova to the latest version

Any ideas? thanks in advance

EDIT: the issue is caused by the navigationbar plugin ( ):