[SOLVED] Weird problem with Ionic 2 Tabs (Tabs not getting selected)


Answer was to use NgZone in redirecting to setRoot

Apparently tabsPage are getting called twice.

Okay so here’s a weird problem that I’m encountering for Ionic 2 Tabs.

The very first time the tabPage is loaded, when I select on other tabs it’s working properly (with the tab selected getting highlighted). However, after a while when I navigate from one tab to another, the selected tab are not getting highlighted anymore.

Here’s a video to illustrate the problem: http://sendvid.com/dwy123wl
Notice that the views are changing just that the tabs are not getting selected properly.

My nav stack is as follows:

LoginPage -> setRoot(TabsPage) -> TabsPage

TabsPage -> 3 Tabs (Page1, Page2, Page3).