Problem with navigation and TabsPage

Hi everybody!!

I have developed an app with a simple facebook login and with the Tabs template. When in login page and I login with Facebook I have a method that just calls
but nothing happens until I press again login button. I mean, I need to make “2 logins” or “2 nav.setRoot(TabsPage)” for it to works.
I have also tried with nav.push and I got the same behaviour. I have set a console.log in TabsPage constructor and it reaches it, but the view is not rendered.

Someone knows what could be happening? Thank you

Could you share a simplified example in a github repo? I’m not sure what would be causing that so I’d like to take a look at what you’re doing

Hi!! Thank you for answering.

I completely forgot that I had this same issue, I modified the NavController of ionic2 and find a workaround. When I updated the package it was overwritten. I commented the issue on:

If you need a little repo I will try to do it when I have a bit of time. Thank you!!