[SOLVED] Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy

Out of nowhere my app was briefly removed from Google Play with the reason Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy

Since it seems that I solved the situation rapidly I thought would be good to let a trace in case someone face the same problem some day.

  1. I googled the topic and it seems that it’s often linked with Youtube videos and background mode. In my app there aren’t any video but well don’t ask. So finally I landed on the following topic https://stackoverflow.com/a/39610794/5404186 and noticed that I didn’t used the option 'shouldPauseOnSuspend=yes' for the inAppBrowser (even if again I don’t use video and use the inAppBrowser to display the terms of use). Anyhow I had a look at the typescript definition and even there it’s stated that it might help in case of Google Play problem. So I build a new versions of my app where I set this option to yes

    /** (Android Only) Set to yes to make InAppBrowser WebView to pause/resume with the app to stop background audio (this may be required to avoid Google Play issues) */
    shouldPauseOnSuspend?: 'yes' | 'no';


     this.inAppBrowser.create('https://somewhere.com', '_blank', 'location=no,shouldPauseOnSuspend=yes');
  1. Since the 1. November is soonish there, I upgraded my targetSdkVersion from 23 to 26

Built a new version of my app, submitted, waited quite a bit and finally app was back in store

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As I said above, it was rapidly solved and open/closed this issue in case that would help someone in the future