[SOLVED] Observable doesn't fire value?

SOLUTION: The code I showed is okay, it was just a ‘‘hidden’’ error inside a previous promise that was causing this behavior.

Hi everyone, I’m building an Ionic2 app and I implemented a Geolocation Service (Provider) to get my position in realtime via an observable.

Here’s the code:

The ‘‘currentPosition$’’ variable is observed in 2 different places, but only one of them is receiving the data fired by next().
I discovered the ‘‘share()’’ operator of rxjs, I thought it was the solution, but it doesn’t work either.

So I don’t really understand the problem right now.

Any suggestion ?


Update: I removed 1 of the subscriptions (the one that works) and the second one still doesn’t work.

Here’s the subscription that doesn’t work:

The provider is correctly imported, put in the providers array and in the constructor.