Ionic 2 rc0 not refresh listview received firebase data


I have created a provider that returns me firebase data using observable observer. When the data provider returns are added to a list using the push method.

The problem is not automatically adapts, but after a minute. If I change my view and back, the data if cool.

In the beta 11 version malfunctioned, but this version does not work the push


    [exercises description]
    Get all exercises in the firebase database using observer
    to detect when element has been added or modified.
  exercises(): Observable<any> {

    return Observable.create( observer => {

      var userId = '8Zh8KkAs2LWwbIZVqeNSU1AynmI2';
      this.exercisesRef = this.userProfile.child(userId + '/exercises');

      let listener = this.exercisesRef.on('child_added', snapshot => {

        let data = snapshot.val(); = snapshot.key;;

      }, observer.error);

      return () => {'child_added', listener);


    [ngOnInit description]
    This event fire any time when user access to the view
  ngOnInit() {

    // get all exercises using an observer and add
    // exercises using push method with the value
    // retrieved of firebase
    this.exerciseData.exercises().subscribe(exercise => {

anybody has idea?

there appears to be zones issue with this release, if you look at my sample project, you will see that I had to wrap the firebase calls using ngZone to get it to work. => {
    if (_currentUser) {
      console.log("in auth subscribe", _currentUser)
      this.currentUser = _currentUser;

      this.assetList = this.doShowList();

    } else {
      this.currentUser = null

    this.authChecked = true;

aaronksaunders Thank U so much, it is work fine for me. But i dont understand why we need to use ngZone. In beta 11 i dont need to use this element but in release if i don use it, the app dont work fine, why ionic team dont fix this problem. I think is tipicall functionality!

Thank! so much!!!