[SOLVED] $localStorage is TOO persistent. It will not die

I have been using ionic for over a year, and I am running into a crazy issue.

  1. I uninstall my app.
  2. I add to the top of index.html
  3. I run ‘ionic run android’ and install the app on my nexus 5x (android 6.0)
  4. App starts up and I get the 1 alert -> I don’t dismiss the alert.
  5. I use Chrome to inspect my device, and I navigate to resources -> local storage
  6. BOOM local storage already has 4 entries ->all associated with user id 1752 with a correct push token, auth token for my server, etc. Its like they’re stuck in memory and come back from the grave.

How is local storage already populated? My alert(1) is the first script, so it should block everything else. It can’t be the JS in a plugin because its blocked. Any ideas?

The only thing I’ve changed is that I’m currently migrating over from the alpha ionic-platform-web-client to the new beta web client.

This doesn’t happen on my iPhone or galaxy s4.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?


I have no idea what went wrong, but I did a factory reset on the device, and now everything is working like normal.