Ionic View 1.0.6 – no localStorage?

After the update to the above stated version, the ionic view app seems to clear the LocalStorage each time an app is launched. LocalStorage was saved before. Any ideas, please?

Thanks in advance!

@DeutschMark Have you had any luck solving this issue? I’m experiencing the same issue since the upgrade to Ionic View 1.0.6.

@cadair unfortunately not. hope to get the authorities to know about this issue via this thread here. Any advice from them? Please.

Anyone, please? This is quite some issue.

Who can I adress with that problem?

I have the same issue. Would be great to get some resolution on this.

Hey this is intentional, as apps had access to View’s and other apps’ localStorage which was causing issues. As a fix, we made it so localStorage is cleared after each use, but getting localStorage to persist on a per app basis is probably doable and will be added in the future (since it sounds like clearing localStorage causes just as many issues!).

Thanks for the reply @tim, really appreciated. Meanwhile I got my developer account so I can test run on an actual device from Xcode. It appears that the local storage works in the app. Deleting and reinstalling the real app clears the LocalStorage, but that is just very fine and actually a desired behaviour.

Hey Tim, it looks like localStorage is still being cleared on iOS after every use but not for Android. Was it only iOS where this was causing issues?

Hi, just checking if anyone has heard of a plan to not clear localStorage data when the Ionic View app opens/closes an app? Does anyone know if SqlLite databases are retained when Ionic View apps are opened and closed?