[Solved] $ionicPopup hidden (only fading the background)



$ionicPopup.confirm() used to work well, but now the popup itself is not visible, it only fades the view and shows nothing on top.
I don’t think I changed anything in my templates that could have caused that.
I updated ionic lib though…

Has anyone faced this issue before and is there a solution to it?

Edit: After debugging a little, there seems to be quite a few bugs in the popup:

  1. visibility: hidden
  2. not centered

With Chrome inspection tools, I could see that the popup is actually there, but hidden and not centered.
See attached screenshot of Ionic-Lab (quite useful!) showing where the popup would be:

If I manually remove the “visibility: hidden” style, then I can see the popup:

But it’s not centered so I cannot see the buttons to close it and go back to my application…
Plus I should not have to do that anyway, it should be visible by default.
Any idea what is causing this issue?
Help appreciated.

(Please note that I get the same result in ionic-lab and on an Android device)



gulp sass solved the issue…
Never forget to rebuild the styles after upgrading… :s (ionic lib update could do it!)


@ThomasDalla thanks for the tip! This issue was driving me crazy.