$ionicPopup confirm hiding behind background/backdrop


I am using an $ionicPopup basically exactly the same as the examples. When it gets called the popup appears ‘behind’ the background. See screenshot. I have seen similar forum posts about this but nothing that seems to be exactly what I am experiencing.
Here’s the screenshot:

Here’s the code in my controller:

var confirmPopup = $ionicPopup.confirm({
         title: 'Delete Unsynced Data',
         template: 'All unsynced data will be lost?'
       confirmPopup.then(function(res) {
         if(res) {
          console.log('You are sure');
                    console.log('Local Data has been deleted');
                    console.log('Error resetting Local Data');
                console.log('Error deleting Local Data');
         } else {
          console.log('You are not sure');

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want the popup to be on top :slight_smile:


Solved it. I was using IonicLoading before showing the popup so that was overlaying everything. Works now.
This is actually a non-issue. You guys can close it.
I’ll leave the post up incase anyone does the same thing I did.