[SOLVED] Ionic2 RC.0 onPageWillEnter not fired

According the release notes of RC.0 following events where renamed

Lifecycle Events Renamed

 Renamed ionViewLoaded to ionViewDidLoad
 Removed ionViewDidUnload
 Removed fireOtherLifecycles from ViewController

I work with onPageWillEnter, which is not one of these, and it seems that the event isn’t fired anymore.

Is anyone else facing this problem? Which event did you use instead?

My freaking bad, this event was renamed in Beta 8. Maybe it was supported as deprecated till beta 11 and now no more supported.

Beta 8:

Ionic Lifecycle Events Renamed

All Ionic lifecycle events have been renamed from starting with onPage to starting with ionView. These changes were made to make it more clear that the events belong to Ionic on each view.

onPageLoaded renamed to ionViewLoaded
onPageWillEnter renamed to ionViewWillEnter
onPageDidEnter renamed to ionViewDidEnter
onPageWillLeave renamed to ionViewWillLeave
onPageDidLeave renamed to ionViewDidLeave
onPageWillUnload renamed to ionViewWillUnload
onPageDidUnload renamed to ionViewDidUnload

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