[SOLVED] Ionic CLI 3.19.1 no CHANGELOG entry, no release tag?


It looks like that the Ionic CLI 3.19.1 was released but I can’t found any CHANGELOG entry or RELEASE tag in Github about it.

Anyone knows something about that?

Interesting, only place where “3.19.1” exists is npm it seems.
Hope there is nothing bad going on…

I noticed it in npm too and when doing (for the first time of the day) ionic serve, you know the message “there is a new version of the cli…”

Sorry about that. We use lerna which automatically does all this, but if an error happens during the publish process, it may not finish parts of it. When this happens, we need to go in manually and make the releases, etc. I’ll fix this up in the next few minutes.

3.19.1 is just a quick fix for this bug (not a security issue): https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-cli/commit/95f809efa113b8062b585b5e227ef01f97f26f79

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Thx @dwieeb3 for the answer and upcoming fix, no worries :wink: