[solved] Can I use <ion-nav-back-button> inside <ion-nav-buttons>


I want to re-use your <ion-nav-back-button> so that I can make use of your platform-specific defaults for the back button icon & text. For example:

<ion-nav-buttons side="primary">
    <ion-nav-back-button ng-if="showStandardBack"></ion-nav-back-button>
    <button ng-if="!showStandardBack">Cancel</button>

Is there a way to achieve this already? The above code throws an exception, something about ionNavBar controller is required.


Sorry, I just figured out that I can use my expression inside hide-back-button on the <ionView>. The docs lead me to believe that an expression wasn’t allowed.

<ion-view hide-back-button="!showStandardBack" ng-controller="...">...</ion-view>