Nav-Bar docs hide back button?

How do I hide / disable the back button on the nav-bar? I want to use a side menu with the nav bar and use a swiping gesture to go back and forward. I see in ionic-angular.js the nav bar has hideBackButton showBackButton and enableBackButton. I am new to angular and dont see which one to use inside my controller or should it go in the html tag?

Hey @timcash, see my note in the other post, but this was just fixed. Set <nav-page hide-back-button="true"> to hide it for a page (or pages).


This works, but I want to toggle the back button display dynamically, how can I do that?

This still isn’t in the docs as of v1.2.4 (docs on website says 1.2.1). Would we handy to add it! :smile: