Socket IO: socket.on() event isn't working with IONIC with android 7.x


The Problem
I created a chat App which the chatting functionality works well while testing on my computer, and smaller android devices(5.x and 4.4) but doesn’t work on android 7.

Why Android 7.x
I tested on lower and version it worked but on android 7.x it didn’t, So I installed crosswalk on the app and its works across all devices like a charm, But using crosswalk is not obviously the right way to go because the App size drastically increased from 10MB to 60MB

What I did
I created a method that gets called after socket.on('connect',callback) However the connect event works i.e it indicates with a toast that the connection was successful.

Also when I send a message(Emitting from the device) it goes through, I could log the message on my server to make sure the message is actually going through. However on the device(Android 7) the socket.on('newmessage',callback) doesn’t work

Please any hint to solving this will be highly appreciated thank you.

Did you find a solution for this ?