How to share text and videos on facebook using the IONIC Framework

How can i share Videos and Text on my app using the ionic framework. I am able to share the images but when share text or video Facebook opens and the text is not the and the video is not there.

this.socilaSharing.shareViaFacebook(sub.LongDescription, null, sub.StoryExternalURL== null ? sub.ImageURL : sub.StoryExternalURL).then((data) => {

the longDescription does not show in Facebook and even if i put the video URL in the 3rd parameter or the 2nd the video does not go to the facebook app.

can you please help with this

And you are talking about what library exactly?

What is


Hi Sujan

its from here

I can absolutely share image but my Text or any Video does not get shared

Shouldn’t it be:


instead of


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Yes the Parameter is named incorrectly but that is also wrong in the declaration

i will fix it but still issue persists

    private viewController: ViewController,
    private socilaSharing: SocialSharing,

Any ideas

Any ideas on how i can get the sharing to work or use the phones own default sharing section android or ios?

any ideas on this? i am still having this issue :frowning: