SocialSharing missing on 'ionic-native'

I’m trying to add “cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing”, but the build keeps saying that ionic-native/dis/index has no exported member SocialSharing, is it missing? Or am I missing something?

PS: for now I changed to use window.plugins.socialsharing, but there isn’t plugins on interface Window, but it works on ionic emulate device

what version of ionic-native do you have in your package.json?

This was released a few weeks ago so you might just need to update the version.

my current version is 1.1.0

├── ionic-angular@2.0.0-beta.4
├── ionic-gulp-fonts-copy@1.0.0
├── ionic-gulp-html-copy@1.0.0
├── ionic-gulp-sass-build@1.0.0
├── ionic-native@1.1.0
├── ionicons@3.0.0-alpha.3

Bump the version to 1.1.1

Then enjoy the socialSharing goodness!

Thanks @mhartington!!!