Ionic cordovaSocialSharing not working

Hi everyone, i’m developing my first app with the ionic framework. The experience is so far awesome until i get to face this issue of the cordovaSocialSharing plugin not working. It every time throw the “Error: ‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘n.plugins.socialsharing.canShareVia’)” error. I’ve been searching the web for several days now and can’t find any solution. Just a little hint, i printed in console log the variable $cordovaSocialSharing and it gives me an empty object {}. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you…!

Hi @josnyS, I am having the same problem and couldn’t find any solution myself either.

@anteksiler It works on android device. At the time i wrote this, i was testing on iOS through the phonegap app. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work !