Slow splashscreen loading

Hey guys, so my splashscreen takes 5 seconds to load then it appears a white screen for 4 seconds, total 9 seconds, very annoying.

I use command
Ionic build > npx cap add android > npx cap open android

Is there any command that can speed up the loading process?

yes you could do the following.
ionic build --prod
ionic capacitor add android
Set the Package ID.
ionic capacitor copy android
ionic capacitor open android

this wll increase the app performance drastically, when you run --prod. it is possible that it will log some errores, because it does a bunch of stuff and if you made a mistake(which probably didn’t get caught with normal build) in your code it won’t work, so be patient runing this type of build.

If I already have my android studio folder?

If you look closely to the error log it would say something like (you already have an android folder, you should delete that folder before runing ionic capacitor add android), so. what do you think you should do ?, that’s right you have to delete that folder and run the command again.

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