Loading time issue



I found out Ionic apps have much longer loading time than usual apps built with Java.
Is there any way to reduce Ionic’s loading time?
Also, I have white splashscreen issues for all apps I build on Ionic.
Why did Ionic developers implement this white splashscreen which is obviously useless?


Build the app with the --prod flag.

Depending on your use case lazy loading might be a good option.

I can assure you that the Ionic developers didn’t unnecessarily introduce a white splash screen into the app just to screw over us developers.


you can generate icons/splash screen using directions here.


When you build your app you need build with the flag --prod and --release, about the white screen that is the default behavior, you can change that, personally I close the splash screen on the load method of my main page.



Thank you guys, I will try --prod --release build…

I hope Ionic team will completely remove white splash screen for the next version / update.


It’s the blank web page that is shown between the splash screen hiding and your content loading, so they can’t remove it.