[SLIDES] Infinite loop - dynamic content

This is my code, kinda trick where I only have one slide and I do the infinite loop with it and I want to change content dynamically. So it seems like i have multiple slides but actually it’s one slide and content is taken dynamically from JSON

<ion-slides #originalslides class="top-slides" loop (ionSlidePrevEnd)="slideChanged( -1)" (ionSlideNextEnd)="slideChanged(1)" >
            <img  src="{{current}}">  
slideChanged(step: number) {
    //calculate current step so you can take data from json
    this.slideStep = this.slideStep + step;
    this.current = this.data[this.slideStep];


The problem I’m having is that my content is being dynamically changed but not displayed in a slide. When I change my slide obviously it goes to the same slide because it’s loop but my content is not displayed. Content is being displayed when I touch the slide/when I start to drag it.

How do I solve it?