Uanble to create slides dynamically

Hello I’m working on slides in ionic2, I created a basic 3 slides first with some static data it worked fine, My problem is I’m not able to load the dynamic data to the slides, I have a names array and I want to create the slide for each name, But it loads all the name in one slide, I used *ngFor with:
<ion-slides pager *ngFor="#indicatorData of indicatorDataSet">
but did not work Here is what I tried:

<ion-slides *ngFor="#name of namesData"> <ion-slide style="background-color: green"> <h2>{{name}}</h2> </ion-slide> </ion-slides>

This loads all in one slide

Is the above procedure correct? Is it possible to load dynamic data on slides? Please help?

Hi, kinda logical. You should repeat on the slides, not the entire slides component. I.e. *ngFor should be done on the ion-slide, not the ion-slides.

Good luck!

Thanks Working perfectly now