Ion-item-sliding sluggish and slow to respond to swipe

I have an ion-list that’s scrollable with sliding ion items. I’m using these to introduce EDIT/DELETE functionality on swipe.
On iOS, I noticed that it registers a swipe 50% of the time. The probability goes up if I swipe slower.

It’s not as bad as Android but still doesn’t feel like native.

At first I thought it’s some 300 ms issue so I removed all tap/click event handlers on the item, leaving behind just the slider. It still had the issue.

Any ideas how to speed this up?



Hey mate, bit disappointed there’s no response to this question, I have the same issue, only tested on Android. It seems to be fine when there’s only a few items in the list. When it’s a big list it barely ever registers a swipe, particularly to the right. But as you say, it picks it up if you swipe real slow.

Did you ever figure something out for this issue?

Yeah just reduce the number of items on the screen and implement dynamic
loading. I think web view was too busy updating screen elements and failed
to register the sliding gesture.

Thanks. By, ‘dynamic loading’ do you mean infinite loading?

Yes but you should unload items that are not visible