error yet can swipe

Hi all,

Just created a new project to the most recent ionic 1.0.0-rc5, previously from beta 14 - I just transferred my code over.

Funny one here, I can slide through the slides in my slidebox yet when calling $ I get the following error.

I have other slideboxes which work just fine, just really confusing me…

Thanks Mat.

Seem to have a fix for now


As the variable length is defined in the setup function for the slidebox then I might aswell use it, also my other slideboxes are still working!

I had the same problem updating from beta-13 to 1.0.0.
My problem happened because I have two ion-slide-box on the same page, and when I called $, one of instances was undefined at the time, causing the error.

The error was easily solved by using $getByHandle and calling the right $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.