Failed to use next-previous in ion-slide-box with differet instances


I have 3 ion-slide-box. Everyone has 3 items.

I created buttons Next and back to simulate slide by pressing buttons.

but delegate-handle doesn’t work. I get:

Delegate for handle "slider1" could not find a corresponding element with delegate-handle="slider1"! next() was not called!

I created directive but when I press on Next, it moves all 3 sliders.

This is what I have so far:

scope.nextSlider = function(sliderId){
      }, 1000);       
       scope.prevSlider = function(sliderId){         
      }, 1000);         


 <ion-slide-box delegate-handle="{{sliderId}}" 
      <ion-slide ng-repeat="color in colors">        
             <!-- -->

And this is a DEMO I play with

I didn’t find any other example that works.


Opened Bug 1865