SlideBox in app with SideMenus

I set up an app that has left and right side menus and have a page that contains a SlideBox.

The left and right swipe in the slide box does slide box, but it also slides the whole page - to reveal the side menu.

How would you make it so the swipe in the box is only for that area, and a swipe on the page is for the menu?
I am guessing it would require stopping the swipe event to propagate up to the next controller.

Hey @ajmercer, if you can hold off for a day or so, I’m working on a revamp of the slide box that has this working:

Cool :smile:

I see this was closed 2 hours ago - and repo updated.

Will download and check it out …

Hi @max,

Should the swipe within the slide-box now be contained to that area?

My page still slides to reveal side menus


If I give the slide-box a short-sharp flick, only it moves,
but if I slide/drag the box, the whole page moves.

Just pushed a fix. Let me know if it works for you now. Thanks!

Thanks @max, that works nicely :slight_smile:


<slide-box show-pager="true" does-continue="true" slide-interval="5000" disable-scroll="false">

Not sure what ‘disable-scroll’ is meant to do.
Slider and page is slidable just the same no matter if set to true or false - on iPhone 5

if (options.disableScroll) event.preventDefault();


Cancels the event if it is cancelable, without stopping further propagation of the event.

I’m sorry for bumping this but I also can’t get it to work,
Here is my code:

Have you checked out the latest code from github?
Did the trick for me.

What was the final solution to this problem? I have tried going through the source code on GitHub, but it is a little over my head.

I see this when I emulate. But in real device it is working okay

I just don’t get slideboxes either, tried the plunker further up and also doesn’t work^^^

The codepen here works nicely, put I’m really struggling to port this across into a routed ion-view template page with a sidemenu. The slidebox just… doesn’t… work :frowning: