Sidemenu with slidebox

Hi there!

I am facing the issue, that when i swipe from left to right, sidemenu will open AND slidebox changes at the same time.
Is there a solution for it?

Does this help?

<ion-side-menu-content drag-content="false">

I don’t get your point. Did you miss something?

Do you mind putting a demo together?
Last time I checked, events inside a slide-box would cancel the side-menu events.

I’m suggesting using drag-content in your side menu and making it false. That way you have to touch the icon to open the side menu, so you can swipe between the slides in the slidebox without opening the menu.

I thought that was the problem. Is it not?

No, because I want to have drag-content set true too. Like in the google playstore, where you can swipe through tabs and if you swipe from left corner you open the sidemenu.

Sure I’ll try. Give me some time.

I’ve got a Nexus 4, a Nexus 7 (original) with Lollipop and a Galaxy Nexus with ICS.

None of the Play Store versions on these have the functionality you describe.

You can swipe through app categories but if you want the side menu you touch the menu button/hamburger/arrow in the top left.

If that is the functionality you want my suggestion is the solution, no? You can swipe through slides in the slidebox, and open the side menu by touching the menu/back icon (or whatever you’ve used). I’m using this very thing for one of my apps so…

I have recorded a vid to show you what I mean and how my play store works:

Ah, I see. Mine do too actually but with my cases I’ve never done that!

That’s interesting functionality - I’ve no idea how you’d do that in Ionic though.

Here is a simple codepen of it:

On my device (Note 4) it behaves a little bit different with sidemenu and slidebox. There both (slidebox & sidemenu) start nearly at the same time when I swipe from left to right

Try adding the attribute edge-drag-threshold to your side-menu-content. This should say, “Don’t kick in the the side menu unless the finger is within X pixels of the screen edge”.

Tried it already, but doesn’t work in combination with slidebox

So what platform are you seeing this on? Android or iOS and what os version?

Android 4.4.4 on Note 4

Here is a demonstration of it:

I don’t have a note4 to test this on, but I tested this on a note3 sim in genymotion and an older 4.3 device. It seems to be working fine for me. I haven’t changed anything either.

Hmm, lets try this.
Can you try using crosswalk on this? The issue may come down to how samsung messes with the webview on their devices. Supposedly making it better

Checkout this thread for help with crosswalk.

I followed the instructions and ran “ionic run android”.

Ionic -v : 1.3.2

Woah, hmm interesting.

Can you run ionic info and post the information?

Do you have any plugins for that project?
Try to make a new project and see if you get the same error

Okay, I have created a new project and integrated crosswalk. It works. But there is also somethin in red, which I don’t understand:


How to fix that?

Anyways… I guess, as you mentioned, that any of my installed cordova plugins won’t fit to crosswalk?

Yeah that error is something we know about, shouldn’t be an issue.

Well it depends on the plugin and what cordova calls they are making.

So can you try your example in that project with crosswalk?
It gets back to my point that the webview in the note4 may have been mucked with by Samsung…