Slidebox doesn't work?


i have couple of problems with slidebox,

1, ionic.bundle.js:8178 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
I don’t know why i get this message,
here is my code for the slidebox.

<ion-slide-box does-continue="true" auto-play="true">
		<div><img class="rookieAds" src="img/footerAds/blue.png"></div>
		<div><img class="rookieAds" src="img/footerAds/pink.png"></div>
		<div><img class="rookieAds" src="img/footerAds/darkblue.png"></div>

2, when i preview the work by ionic serve --lab only one shows the slidebox, when android is viewing the slidebox, then ios doesn’t, when ios is viewing the slidebox, then android doesn’t.
it seems that slidebox appearance is random. By refreshing browser slidebox shows up or not.

3, same as Ionic View app. Slide box randomly shows up. But most of time, slide box does not appear until i change the phone orientation to landscape.

Please help me. Thank you


i would say this is a timing problem
And Sometimes your app loads to slow and there are no slides in your slidebox at this time --> so ionic produces this error and your slidebox is empty…

Changing orientation froces the slidebox to rerender so you slides are now there. if your slides are coming from a backend or via some other async stuff you need to wait until these code parts have finished to show you slidebox.


I see. thank you very much