Bug with ion-slide-box?

Hello there! Don’t know if it’s a bug or intended, but if I have a slide-box like this:

<ion-slide-box style="position: absolute" does-continue="true" show-pager="false" auto-play="true">
  <ion-slide ng-repeat="photos in slide">
    <div><img ng-src='{{photos.img}}'></div>
</ion-slide-box> <!-- etc -->

will work on browser with serve and serve --lab, but when I deploy it to my Android device it will show a white space.
Furthermore, I’m using (maybe doing wrong) this block of code as a background for the main content of that section. I suppose this can create the error, but why it can be seen on the live preview?

Thanks for helping. V

There is still something that goes wrong. Installing the app on my device results in a total white space as background, even though yesterday I could see the images performing the slide…

you sould add the slidebox only to the dom, if your data finished loading, or you need to call $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update() after you set $scope.slide.


Thank you for the answer!
Now the problem seems solved, but sometimes still happens even though I use the $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update() .
Anyway the problem seems fixed, thank you! :slight_smile: