Slide transition reveals previous view after transition when using transparent background

*This issue only occurs when using the slide transition. All other transitions work as expected

I have an Ionic 2 app that uses the ionic-native qr-scanner on the first view. The first view allows the user to either scan a QR code, or navigate to a manual search page via a button. The manual search page has a blurred image as background (this is not a blurred camera view).
image image

The issue occurs when navigating back to the start page. During the slide transition, the camera view is revealed as expected. However, when the transition is complete, the manual search page (or an image thereof) is shown in the background.
image image

As was mentioned, this only occurs with the slide transition. The fade and flip transitions reveal the camera view as is seen in image 1. The drawer transition behaves the same as the slide transition, but gives the following result:

This is almost exactly what I want (except then without the final drawer effect). I imagine all I need to do is find the difference between the final state of the slide transition effect and the other transition effects in order to find the problem, except I am too unfamiliar with the workings of a plugin such as this one to be able to do it.
Any tips on how to fix this (or a nudge in the right direction) would be greatly appreciated.

My code is as follows:

 import { NativePageTransitions, NativeTransitionOptions } from '@ionic-native/native-page-transitions';
 private backToStart()
    this.globalAccess.scanner.useFrontCamera().then(() => { => {

  public slideNav()
    let options = {
      direction: "right",
      duration: 3000,
      iosdelay: 100,
      androiddelay: 150,
      fixedPixelsTop: 0,
      fixedPixelsBottom: 0

Any solution for this? I am also facing the same issue. I am using ionic v3

same issue here
only with drawer effect