Ionic Native Transitions

Hello, I am using a plugin called Ionic Native Transitions. I use it to generate flipping transitions when I switch from one page to the other.

My question is, is there a way to do this without a plugin? I am thinking that maybe inside app.js, when a page is changed, I can add a CSS class that will generate the flipping transition.

Has anyone done anything like it?

.state(‘’, {
url: ‘/info’,
views: {
‘tab-dash’: {
templateUrl: function() { (********* a CSS change here ***********) return ‘templates/tab-info.html’},
controller: ‘InfoCtrl’

i don’t think they have it right now… all I know is that the default is slide left and slide right for back. And for modal are slideup and slidedown…

Yeah, without the plugin, you’d go crazy trying to create a flipping transition from one page to the other. Thing is, the plugin works with devices, but not with Ionic View, causing even more trouble.

I use it also but reverted to the old transition… it has some bugs when I use it with ionic.contrib.drawer…

It seems to be ignored by Ionic View, which is my problem.

I don’t think that plugin is included in the Ionic View app, hence why it does not work. Ionic View is basically a Cordova app that is a shell for your Ionic App, but it only includes a fix set to plugins that you have access to.