Slide pager disapear on rc0

Hi, I’m trying to use a slide and want to show the page at the botom showing the index of each image.
I saw several codes on codepen working well but mine was not showing pager even when I had the same code.
Finally I found it is being shown when I use the js

<script src="//">

But not when I use

<script src="//">


<script src="lib/ionic/js/ionic.bundle.js"></script>

(I have the latest bundle localy)
Seams like something get broken on the rc.

See the Pen wBNbwe by Juan Angel Vanrell (@javanrell) on CodePen.

Answering myself, new attribute

ionSlideBox: hide/show pager depending on dynamic show-pager attribute (c631a8ef5)

Hello, i’ve been checking de Doc because i was in the same situation you are.

It’s not broken, just different way to do this, now you must to establish the slide’s options in the TS. file the same that array.

mySlideOptions = {
initialSlide: 1,
loop: true };

After that in the html. file use this:

ion-slides [options]=“mySlideOptions”>

Here you have the doc’s link:

Slides Documentation

Hope this helps to you :slight_smile: