Pager for ion-slides not showing


I can’t for the life of me get the pager dots to show up when using <ion-slides> I have tried <ion-slides pager="true"> , <ion-slides options="{pagination: true}"> and <ion-slides pager> but the pager dots do not appear. When I inspect the web browser output, I’m seeing the pager div as <div class="swiper-pagination hide">

Any ideas how to get the pager to render and not have the “hide” class added to it?


Finally got this working with a tiny change: <ion-slides [options]="{pagination: true}">

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Hi there!

I got the same problem and tried everything including your answer: <ion-slides [options]="{pagination: true}"> but still didn’t work! any help for this??? Thanks

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I’m Having the same issue, and this:

[options]="{pagination: true}"

didn’t work.

any other solution ?

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Really ?
If yes , can you please ulpoad your snippet here?


use [options]="{pager: true}" instead


I’ve tryied that two, but didnt work so i used the CSS class to solve the problem.
i force a display:block !important; in hes class


It seems like it depends on the version of Ionic you’re using. I just updated to 2.0.0 (from 2.0.0-rc.2) and now my original solution doesn’t work anymore. Changing to <ion-slides pager="true"> seems to do the trick now.


Till Ionic2 RC.4

 <ion-slides [options]="{pagination: true}">

From Ionic2 RC.5

<ion-slides pager="true"">

See of Ionic2 RC.5

P.S.: Even “options” of ion-slides is marked as deprecated since RC.5, it seems that actually using options after RC.5 doesn’t work anymore correctly

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I realized when I add the options its there but its hidden, so I just added some CSS so that it shows on the intended page.

For the Page:

ion-slides pager paginationType=“bullets”

The CSS:

template {
display: block !important;

This worked for me.

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yeah, work fine for me.


working with slides, I realized that slider option is deprecated. We need add to ion-slides attributes like
<ion-slides pager="true" spaceBetween="10">


Use the syntax like this for Ionic v3.9

<ion-slides centeredSlides="true" pager="true" autoplay="3000" loop="true" slidesPerView="1.6">

//your content