Inject slides to SlideBox to make a continue SlideBox

I’m working into a calendar using ionic.
I put month calendar in slides on a slide-box and I thought into made it with 3 slides an when I’m the 3th slide put the next slide with the next month and remove the first slide. The same when I go back into slides.
I’m trying to put the slides with:
<ion-slide ng-repeat="calendar in calendars"> <div id="{{}}" class='calendar' calendar='{{}}' ng-model='eventSources' config='uiConfig.calendar' ui-calendar='uiConfig.calendar'></div> </ion-slide>

And later change slides and call to $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update(); but it does’t work.

Any idea?

Which part is not working? The initial adding of sldies or the updates when one added or removed?

Any chance you can post a CodePen sample?

have the same issue. It looks like all slides should be pre-populated with data on initialization. I could not find any reasonable solution where I:

Let’s say I know the number of slides from beginning…

  1. fetch data from the server for 2-3 slides and inject them dynamically.
  2. on $scope.onSlideChanged fetch additional data from the server and inject it.

It would be very helpful if we have an example of how to make it work with dynamic slides, instead of having the data array from begining.

See this sample of dynamically adding sldies: