Since Ionic 4, the BLE connection is interrupted when Chrome Inspector is used

Maybe I’m alone with this issue. But I hope someone experiences the same problem.
When I hit the “Inspect” button in Chrome dev tools remote devices, the bluetooth connection is interrupted.

I have a Android 7 device with Ionic 4 Cordova 8/9. The device is connected via USB and I use a Chrome / Chromium browser to inspect / debug the app. (e. g. view the console log). It works great. But in Ionic 3 the BLE connection is not interrupted on inspect. Ionic 4 does interrupt. Weird…

Sadly this bug is not easy to track or report. But any experience about this will help.
I have no events on app pause etc. Maybe it has to do with the new Ionic 4 native wrappers?

Maybe use adb logcat to check the android native log?

Thanks, but no. I need the Chromium Inspector. Not only for the log.