IONIC 4 blurry app / app gets blurry / low quality app

This is how the page looks

and then sometimes it suddenly starts looking like this

Why does this happen I couldnt find anything related

Are you debugging your app through Google Chrome’s inspect page ?

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Well sometimes I am indeed debugging it with the chrome dev tools, but this blurry thingy has also happened to me before when I wasn’t debugging it at all, it happens pretty randomly on ocasion and randomly on different pages

Personally, it always happens when I’m mirror debugging my apps with Chrome dev tools, but it never happened to me without it opened :confused:
Sorry, I wish I could help you more than this…

But I do have to say that statistically it happens WAYYY more when I am debugging through chore devtoos, and when I’m not it very rarely happens, and when it does I just rebuild and everything works fine until I get rarely unlucky again, so I’ll take that as a viable solution.

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