Simple right arrow in list not appearing

I want to produce the right arrow that is against each of the items in the example here

Now i have my html which looks like this

<div class="list">
    <div ng-repeat="item in itemList | filter: filterText">
        <a class="item item-thumbnail-left item-icon-right" href="#/blah/{{}}/0">
            <img ng-if="item.imageUri.length > 0" src="{{ item.imageUri }}" />
            <p class="name">{{}}</p>
     <div ng-if="itemList.length == 0">
        <div class="item">No matching records found</div>

But i seem to never get a arrow pointing to the right? Anyone else experiencing this problem??

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Yes I have too, shall be interested to hear what other people say about this.

Are you expecting the arrow to be there automatically? You need to specifically apply the arrow since beta 2

Ok what class should we use?

Taken right from the change log.

<a class="item item-icon-right" href="#">
  Check mail
  <i class="icon ion-chevron-right icon-accessory"></i>
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Thank you, this works. Would be nice if they could update the docs, as I cant be the only one to refer to the docs for help.

Thanks again

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