Sidemenu & Tabs Together?

The ionic-conference-app solution works.

But: calling nav.setRoot() is not desirable in my case. The only reason I need the tabs is for their ability to pre-load all the pages and keep them in memory (for speed, because initialization of some of these pages is heavy in my app). The nav.setRoot() solution destroys and recreates pages on every tab switch, but that’s what I was trying to avoid by using the tabs and their built-in navigation.

Is there a way to use the two together without calling nav.setRoot() - by just selecting tabs as we used to do with, e.g. app.getComponent('nav-tabs').select(1) ?

Right now using @ViewChild as described here

does not seem to work - it only works with navcontroller, but no other component - when decorating a property for any other component, the property never gets initialized, it remains undefined.

Any help on how to get to select tabs from the app class methods would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

OK I found a solution that works well for me.

As per Conference App, how can we keep tabs on Login page also?

Is there any way to keep tabs as on demand… because I want to hide tabs on some pages and want to show tabs on some pages…

please help on this…

I have the same problem, where my tabs are disappearing when I select a page from the menu and this solution is not working for me, does the conference app have the complete example for this scenario.

Thank you,

Is it possible to navigate directly from the sidemenu to a subpage ?

It is definitely possible to navigate directly from the sidemenu to a subpage:

But is it also possible to keep the tabs displayed?

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Well i have seen this approach everywhere i googled. But most of the times we need tabs on all pages which are in menus but not in tabs. i,e we need to show tabs on pages which are not in tabs but in menus. I hope you understand my issue please help or share some docs regarding this stuff. As i’m working on a complex app where there are 3-4 tabs but more menus & i need to maintain the tabs on every page.

you can insert tabs in your project by visiting this blog…which i have created for making tabs in ionic 3 project

Hi, I have been using both together for a while and have recently updated a skeleton app that does both sidemenu + tab and has full control, i.e.