Simplest way to create an app with both tabs and sidemenu

I’d like to create an app with both tabs and sidemenu.
With the starters you can create an app with tabs or with sidemenu.
So, according to you, which is the simplest way to have both?
Should I start with an app with app and try to add after the sidemenu or the contrary?
I’m using Ionic6.

Thank you


To be honest, unless it is a very simple application, I would prefer using the blank template and doing everythiing else manually so I can guarantee that it’ll be the way I want it to be.

But if you really wanna use a template I recommend starting with tabs and implement the sidemenu which is easier

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Thank you @josemarsc-dev.
I’ve seen that the conference app has both.
ionic start myConference conference --type=angular
I can study that template.

I had the same question when I started with Ionic. I created two projects - one with the tab template and the other with the sidebar template. I copied the sidebar code to the tab project (took a little effort). It’s a good way to learn how the app framework is assembled including tab navigation, sidebar menu, and the top toolbar. It would be nice to have a starter template with both as that seems a popular UI design. Good luck!

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Yes I agree with you, it would be nice to have a template with both the navigations.
I’ve seen that the myConference template has something similar.