Sidemenu starter project, poor touch performance on android

If I create a new project using the side menu template and testing:

> ionic start --v2 --ts -t sidemenu testapp
> cd testapp
> ionic run android

I’m having issues with navigation recognizing touches. Sometimes the touch is recognized. The blue “toggle menu” button usually is good, but the hamburger icon in upper left only opens the menu about 50% of the time. The menu items seem to work about 75% of the time. On the list page, the back arrow is the item that has the most issues firing - it works less than half the time.

Has anybody else seen this? I’m testing on a Sony Xperia Z3V with Android 4.4.4.

I ended up installing crosswalk and touch clicks are working just fine now. Here’s a good article about some issues I had after installing crosswalk for anybody else checking out this post:

Now on to the next set of issues…