Side Menu project, content can't scroll with attribute overflow-scroll="true"


Hi all,

I’m beginner with ionic, I start coding a side menu project, just simple. But when I use overflow-scroll=“true” to scroll smoother, my content can’t scroll anymore ( on simulator and real device, on browser by ionic serve, it’s normal.)

I use the latest source (ver 1.0.1).



Is the scrolling working fine, if you don;t use overflow-scroll="true" ? If so you can try adding scroll="true" on the ion-content element. If this is also not working, could you please let me know the device you are using?


Hi Rajeshwarpatlolla,

Yes, the scroll working fine without attribute overflow-scroll=“true”. I use and iPad 2 and iPad Air (gen 2) with iOS 8.3.

I want to use overflow-scroll because it look smoother.