Side menu ionClose and scrollToTop()

Hey guys, i’m in trouble with my sidemenu:

My sidemenu is scrolling up/down perfectly when the content is too big, but when I scroll down, close and open the menu, the scroll stays on bottom and I want to scrollToTop when it’s closed.

I’m trying to use the output event: (ionClose)=“menuClosed()” on the ion-menu, and #menuContent on the ion-content inside menu.

and on my menuClosed() using this.menuContent.scrollTop always return 0 (or this.menuContent.scrollToTop() not works). When I change the ionClose to ionOpen the scrollTop and scrollToTop() sounds good, returns the exactly value, and I can scrollToTop() or set scrollTop to 0 and works fine. But it’s really ugly the effect of using ionOpen (the user can see the menu opening and after scrolling up).

I think it’s because when ionClose is called the element has no more width and height. Anyone knows anyway to solve this?

Sorry for the english…