Side Menu and Tabs Menu together - How to keep Tabs and Hide Tabs

I am using Side Menu and Tabs together, and json data to create side menu dynamically, and using *ngFor to create dynamic links like (click)=“openCategory(”. so when I click on this link it’ll call openCategory function from app.ts file and setRoot as this.nav.setRoot(CategoryPage,{ params:categoryid });

I have following issues:

  1. When I click on side menu item my Tabs being disappear, I want to keep tabs on category page.
  2. I have some products on homepage when I click on it, it’ll call ProductDetails function and this function will use push() to get product details, on this page I don’t want Tabs, but tabs still there.

What I want
Tabs to be display on HomePage and Category Page
Tabs should be hide on ProductDetailPage

My app has main following pages

in app.ts file root page set:
rootPage: any = TabsPage;

in tabs.ts file:
tab1Root: any = HomePage;
tab2Root: any = CategoryPage;
tab3Root: any = AboutPage;
tab4Root: any = LoginPage;

home.ts file has some static and dynamic contents and some products.

so please let me know if you have any ideas how to fix this.

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